About this Institution

Inception Academy is the number one High school for international students in Canada and is one of the institutions with the highest rate of acceptance in Canada’s top-ranked universities. It is also known for its safe and secure environments to study, live, and learn in the Greater Toronto Area. Inception Academy offers an Immediate Admission Process for International Students by processing applications immediately upon receiving. Eligible selected students can receive up to 30% of their school tuition fee as Scholarships.

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Academic Courses

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
  • English as a Second Language.


Education Interests

Inception School offers Individualized attention to each student to adjust to their diverse learning needs. This institution also specializes in IELTS Preparation and French Language education.



  • Markham; Toronto, Ontario. 


Extracurricular Activities

This High school has a school residence for international students, offers Summer and Winter Camps, a wide variety of Field Trips in Toronto, Weekend Trips, Sports Nights, Theme Days and Clubs for Chess and Music.

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