The first Greater Catholic School was established in 1909 in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. By 1911, the second division in Saskatchewan was inaugurated and became a conglomerate that in 2014 formed the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. This union has more than 50 schools (43 elementary Institutions and 7 high schools) and manages an estimated 19,755 (2019) students, making it the largest Catholic school division in Saskatchewan.

Academic Course

High school Diploma


Education Interests

These Schools offer programs focused on academic excellence.

Average costs and offers per term for international students are provided upon request.

High Schools in Saskatoon

  • Bethlehem Catholic High School
  • Bishop James Mahoney High School
  • Bishop Murray High School
  • E.D. Feehan Catholic High School
  • Holy Cross High School
  • Oskāyak High School
  • St. Joseph High School


Extracurricular Activities

All Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools offer extracurricular activities and intramural programs so that students can develop artistic, athletic and leadership abilities. Each school community is unique and offers its own set of activities based on community interest and involvement.

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