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Founded in 1964 by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and located in St. Catharines, the largest town in the Niagara region, Brock University is named after Sir Isaac Brock, an officer in the British Army and a colonial administration of the British Empire. Brock University has a reputation for its outstanding education. It ranked third among Canadian universities in the undergraduate category for research publication results and impact indicators in 2008. Its motto is “experience success, come to Brock.”

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Academic Courses

Brock University is the only education centre in the world to offer a Bachelor of Integrated Mathematics with Computing and Applications (MICA). Additionally, Brock University offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and even doctorate degrees. They have 58 academic courses, including nine doctorate programs.

Goodman School of Business

Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management, Master of Accountancy, Certificate in Administrative Studies, Diploma in Business Administration.

Faculty of Education

Aboriginal Education, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, Masters of Education, Joint Ph.D. in Educational Studies.

Faculty of Humanity

Canadian Studies, Classic Studies, English Language and Literature, General Humanities, History, Hispanica and Latin American Studies, Italian Studies, German Studies, French Studies, Philosophy, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Studies in Comparative Literature and Cultures, Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Applied Linguistics, Child and Youth Studies, Communication, Popular Culture and Film; Economics, Environmental Sustainability, Geography and Tourism Studies, Labour Studies, Policing and Criminal Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Women’s and Gender Studies.

Faculty of Applied Heath Sciences

Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Nursing, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Sport Management.

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Applied Computing, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Computing and Business, Computing and Network Communications, Computing and Solid-state Device Technology, Earth Science, Engineering Science, Environmental Geoscience, Game Programming, Mathematics and Statistics, Neuroscience, Physics, Oenology and Viticulture, Sciences.

Marylin I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts

Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual Arts.


In St. Catharines alone, Brock University maintains eight campuses that serve educational, administrative, athletic, and extracurricular purposes:

  • Isaac Brock Plaza.
  • Arthur Schmon Tower.
  • Welch Hall.
  • Mackenzie Chown Complex.
  • Plaza Building.
  • Walker Complex.
  • Cairns Complex.
  • Rankin Family Pavilion.

Furthermore, all subjects related to education are taught from Brock University’s Hamilton campus. Additionally, Brock University has two cultural centres: Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts and Rodman Hall Art Center, which serves as an art gallery and a study centre for artistic programs.

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Notable Projects and Alumni

Most of Brock University’s alumni have excelled in acting, science, politics, arts, literature, and many other social areas. Among the most notable graduates, the following stand out:

  • Malcolm Allen: Politician and former member of the Canadian Parliament. He was a member of the New Democratic Party.
  • Kari-Lynn Winters: Children’s author and college professor, known for winning the 2016 St. Catharines Arts Awards in the Emerging Artist Award category.
  • Mariana Valverde: Sociologist and criminologist, president of the Center for Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Toronto.


Life off-campus

Brock University offers its students the freedom to form their clubs, as long as they fall under the following categories: Cultural, religious and international clubs; Social, recreational and activist clubs; Teaching clubs and departments. Brock University’s sporting life is remarkable. Several of its teams play at national and international levels.

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