Canadian Permanent Residence for International Students


If you’re already studying in Canada and wish to take the next step towards Permanent Residence, you might be able to fit into several processing streams of the Express Entry Program, such as the Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs and the Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Express Entry

This virtual system uses the Express Entry Pool to classify candidates through their submitted profiles and analyze their capabilities to adapt to Canadian life. Requirements may vary depending on the different streams they apply from but are all ranked on a point-based analysis of their qualities, such as work experience, academic resume and language skills.

More information about the Express Entry Streams below:

Canadian Experience Class

As an international student, this stream is ideal for you if you also have work experience in Canada, either if you gained it while studying or if you have been able to work after completing your career (with a Post-Graduate Work Permit).

Federal Skilled Worker

If you’re in Canada studying a post-secondary program (like a bachelor’s degree, Major or Ph.D.), and you count with certifiable foreign work experience in a managerial job, professional job or at Technical jobs and skilled trades, this stream might be the right one for you. If you’re unsure of which are the standards for these job positions, you can check the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and see if your foreign work experience classifies in any of these types.

Federal Skilled Trades

Though you may have studied in Canada a specific program, you could apply to the Federal Skilled Trades Program if you have previous knowledge and experience of a certain skilled trade. Nevertheless, it must also comply with the job requirements settled in the NOC.

Provincial Nominee Programs

All Canadian provinces have their own Provincial Nominee Programs. That way, they can select candidates that adapt to their particular labour market needs. This means that as an international student, depending on your skills and characteristics, you might classify to apply to the Provincial Nominee Program of one region or another. Applying to this process may vary depending on the province (either through the Express Entry Profile system or a paper-based process).

Applying through Express Entry to any of these streams to obtain Permanent Residence requires thorough preparation and great attention to submitting periods. Therefore, it’s always advised to count on a professional consultancy service to prepare this kind of application. Studyvantage has professional alliances with specialized consultancy firms, Immigration Pros (based in Ontario), and Castle & Co (based in Alberta) to ensure a comfortable and secure application process. Studyvantage clients also count with special treatment (like discounts) with these companies.

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